Frequently Asked Questions regarding the proposed Contract changes:

Q. Do I need to fill in my address on the outer ballot envelope?
A. No, it is not necessary because we are not voting by mail. Just print your name and sign it where indicated. Please return the ballot envelope to the site secretary, DO NOT MAIL IT IN!

Q. What does the No.2 mean? "A limited option to grandfather participation in the current" etc…
A. Some of our current members want to keep the option of going to their non-HMO doctor. We are working on the exact mechanism to allow classified members to select a PPO option if they wish to do so, however it will be at a higher cost. It is unclear at this time if it will be a separate PPO plan through PEBT, or if it will be an option to stay in the current Blue Shield plan. We are still in the planning stages of the transition with the District, AON (our benefits consultant) and PEBT. Once the actual specifics are decided, we will communicate them.

Q. Presently my medical stays the same if I retire. If I wait until Fall, will that change? Would I be better off retiring before Fall?
A. When you retire after 15 years with the district, you are allowed to continue in the current health benefit plan that the regular employees participate in, at the same contribution level as regular employees. Any retirees who currently participate in the Kaiser/Blue Shield plans will also be able to select from the available plans through PEBT. Whether you are already retired before the plan switch, or retire afterwards, your options would be the same.

Q. Does this statement (“The plan components shall be resolved by June 1, 2012, with implementation on September 1, 2012.”) mean that by Friday, we will know more about the health care offerings?
A. That was the plan at the time we signed the agreement, however the implementation now is looking like it will be no earlier than October 1st, and we are still finalizing the actual plan components with the District and PEBT. In fact, our next meeting is June 7th. We didn’t feel it necessary to re-do the Tentative Agreement merely for a change of dates. That Tentative Agreement has already been accepted by the District and sent to the County Office of Education to show that CUSD does have an actual plan to balance the budget for next year. When the details of the actual rollout of the new plan is in place, it will be communicated to everyone, and an Open Enrollment period will be scheduled for the beginning of the school year.

Memorandum of Understanding - Furlough Days:

Posted 5/31/2012

Tentative Agreement:

Posted 5/31/2012

Here is the Tentative Agreement that LIUNA negotiated with the District:

This is a summary of the Contract Articles that had changes proposed:

Here are all the potential contract language changes:

On-Site Contract Ratification Voting is underway and will end at noon on June 7th. See your site secretary for information and voting.

Tentative Agreement Reached:

Posted 4/25/2012

Your Negotiations team has finally reached a tentative one-year agreement with the District. We will be putting out an informational piece with all the specifics in the next couple of days, but here are the main points of the tentative agreement:

•No across-the-board pay cuts for classified members

•No further classified layoffs at this time

•No changes or reductions to current retiree benefits

•Agreement to research and offer lower cost HMO only plans to Classified, while keeping a PPO option

•New classified employees will be restricted to selecting from HMO only plans

•If the District cuts the number of instructional days next year and institutes temporary furlough days, classified will participate in those instructional furlough days

•Several contract language changes in the areas of vacation scheduling and carryover, catastrophic leave, & general leaves.

We appreciate everyone's patience ith this long and stressful process. In the next few days we will be sending everyone a listing of all the proposed contract changes and instructions on the ratification vote procedures.

Negotiations Update:

Posted 4/3/2012
Your Negotiations team met with the district today. Please see review the Negotiations Update for more info:

Negotiations Update:

Posted 3/22/2012
Your Negotiations team met with the district today. Please see review the Negotiations Update for more info:

Joint Negotiations Report 2:

Posted 12/7/2011
Please review the attached report which was created by LIUNA and the District to communicate to the community about the progress we are making in our sessions with the district:

Joint Negotiations Report 1:

Posted 11/9/2011
Please review the attached report which was created by LIUNA and the District to communicate to the community about the areas we are discussing:

Negotiations Team Information:

Posted 11/3/2011
Update given on Negotiations at the Union Meeting held 11/3/2011 at Magnolia Elementary School:

If you were unable to attend the meeting, please fill out the confidential survey regarding a potential Early Retirement Incentive Plan:

LIUNA Negotiations Team Proposals to the District:

Posted 11/2/2011

Board of Trustees outlines their Budget Priorities:

Posted 10/13/2011

LIUNA Local 777 outlines their Budget Priorities:

Posted 10/05/11
Here is the letter we sent to the District outlining our Budget Priorities to deal with the 12/13 budget crisis: